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To handle the entire cook load of a restaurant or commercial kitchen, gas stoves, ovens and fryers come in many sizes and styles; from stoves with basic functionality, to combination stove-oven ranges with many features and accessories. Commercial stoves undergo long hours of extensive use every day, sometimes under harsh conditions, so gas valves, starters and control systems used in this equipment need to be heavy-duty and built-to-last.

The volume and kind of cooking being done will also determine the style and grade of equipment you should use. For consistency when frying and simmering small amounts, standard grade gas ranges are economical and work well, but when a speedy outcome is needed, heavy-duty gas ranges provide hotter temperatures and quicker “heat up” times.  

For commercial cooking equipment, that sees long periods of continual use, Grandmate’s reliable gas shut-off valves, natural gas solenoid valves, pilot and igniter assemblies, and control systems are designed to give years of dependable service for commercial stoves and burners that use either propane or natural gas.