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Fire Pit Ignition Kit for Outdoor Gas Heater Application

Cooler weather doesn't have to be the end of outdoor parties and dinners. Outdoor heaters will provide warmth to keep your party going when the evenings get cool. Many outdoor heaters feature stylish designs that are excellent for providing a warm ambience for outdoor bars, patios, and pool decks. Reliable gas valves, fire pit ignition kit, and controls systems make the use of outdoor gas heaters convenient and enjoyable.

Natural gas and LPG outdoor patio heaters are much more efficient, and can give off more heat than electric heaters. LPG heaters offer flexibility in location, can be set up in minutes, put out plenty of heat in a matter of seconds, and can be easily moved. 

Outdoor table-top gas fire pits and lamps are similar to gas heaters, and add an attractive touch to outdoor atmospheres.  

As leading gas valves manufacturers, Grandmate manufacturers Remote Control IPI Systems, Thermopile Powered IPI Systems, and Smartphone Control IPI System to meet the needs of any outdoor gas heater, fire pit, or gas lamp application.