Grand Mate Co., LTD. is one of the best gas valves manufacturers in Taiwan, upholding the constantly thinking, innovation, continuous improvement business philosophy, from machining, water heater gas control valve manufacturing and design components, and then extended to more stoves overall professional design, which lays a solid stable competitive strength, continuing to improve combustion efficiency gas appliances development technology to create envy of the world results. Into the twenty-first century, Grand Mate, integration and more into the design and application of energy-saving products and other high-tech products. In the "real business, to improve the quality of life" approach to business, and hopes to become the gas control valve benchmark companies.

To offer worldwide customers better service, Grand Mate water heaters companies set up the subsidiary Pucada Tech to handle international marketing and sales in 2007. In January 1990, the Republic of China began to implement in accordance with the German TÜV ISO 9001-2015 quality assurance system, aiming to establish a clear quality policy and objectives. All colleagues reach a consensus on work to fully cooperate with each other. So TÜV ISO 9001-2015 quality system truly implemented. Grand Mate Co., LTD. also passed ISO 17025 (TAF Laboratory Accreditation) and CSA heaters Testing Laboratory (United States), you can feel at ease to use all of our products including gas valves, water heater pilot assembly, water heaters, gas fireplace electronic ignition kit, etc.

For the sake of ISO 9001-2015 quality management system and the importance of continuous improvement can be truly implemented, the general manager and the departments in charge after setting the quality of policy discussions, goals, and communicate customer requirements and laws in the company's meetings and appropriate occasions, the and to ensure the effectiveness of the system, in the management review meeting chaired personally and ensure the adequacy and availability of resources companies.


Manufacture gas switch, ignition, water heaters, BBQ grill accessories, gas fittings, thermostat switch camping equipment, heaters, air conditioning switch, fireplace switch, metal parts, with professionals and equipment and certified by the Germany TÜV