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Stay connected to all your natural gas and LPG devices with Smart Control. Through a Gateway Module linked to your Smartphone, you can remotely control your homes heating, fireplace, water heater and even your BBQ grill.

By connecting the gas valve, the pilot, and the remote control of your gas appliances, you can control your fireplace’s ignition, flame height, and fan speed. The system can also link to carbon monoxide sensors and safety valves to automatically turn off gas devices if high carbon monoxide levels are detected.

A Grandmate smart thermostat lets you remotely program your thermostat to automatically schedule the temperature of your home throughout the day. You can also monitor your gas meter while you are away.

Other features that can be included in a Grandmate Smart Control System are ON/OFF, LCD, Low Battery Indicator, Thermostat, Programable Thermostat, Timer, Light Dimmer, AUX ON/OFF, and Fan Delay-ON/OFF.  The control can be made childproof with an Independent Access Key.