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Complete Solution for Gas Heater Ignition Kits & Valves

Natural gas or LPG is an excellent choice for convenient and efficient indoor home heating. Gas heating costs much less than heating with electricity, and is more environmentally friendly than burning coal for electricity, as it gives lower carbon emissions.

Many homes have a gas furnace that heats the whole home, but compact space heaters can offer very affordable options to produce efficient heat for designated areas of the home.  Some even resemble fireplaces to add a cozy ambience to your home. Grandmate offers gas valves and fireplace ignition module for both whole home gas furnaces as well as for compact space heaters. 

With “Smart Remote Control,” home gas heaters can be regulated and programmed remotely. Grandmate has Smartphone Remote Control Systems that work in conjunction with Grandmate Gas Valves to regulate all the functions of the heating system, including various ignition and temperature control functions. With Grandmate gas heater ignition kits and gas heater valves, you can enjoy the convenience of a home gas heater that will keep your family cozy and warm all winter.