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Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial use, a hot water heater that gives consistent water temperature and pressure is not only greatly appreciated, but often essential.

For hot water going to multiple locations, a storage-tank type water heater will supply the whole home or building. For residential use, or where hot water is used more intermittently, a compact tankless heater is easy to install, gives fast delivery of hot water, and takes up less space than tank heaters. Tankless heaters are also usually more energy efficient than storage-tank heaters. 

Grandmate and has its own line of tankless gas water heaters designed with innovative features that make them extremely economical, convenient to use, and safe. A forced-exhaust design aids in giving a high, 83% thermal efficiency. The low gas pressure design gives stable combustion and low NOx emissions. Exhaust pipe blocking detection, anti-strong-wind technology, and blower aging detection give added safety.