Product Introduction

  • Freestanding pizza ovens from Grand Mate gas pizza oven manufacturers apply a smokeless, grease-less system, which means it is environmentally friendly, with no smoke, and no grease.
  • Energy Efficiency:Cost comparison between different cooking method.
  • Fast Heating Time:Can reach over 572℉ in less than 30 minutes. Best for cooking pizza.
  • Cool Feel Design:When grilling in front of the oven, user will feel comfortable (not too hot) when using the oven for a period of time.
  • Temperature Control:Temperature can be adjusted using a simple knob.(Turn the knob to control high, low and pilot light.)
  • Cook using convection and infrared technologies which result better food quality (moisture, texture, aesthetic).
  • Heat Preservation Systems:When not in use, customer can close oven door and keep the pilot stay on to maintain temperature for next use. Gas usage amount per hour: pilot light 0.02kg/low 0.2kg/high 0.5kg
  • Compact Size:Footprint is less than10 square feet.
  • Oven Maintenance:After cooking, it is easy to clean because is grease-less.
  • Certified Gas Valve And Pilot CSA certified gas valve for both natural or propane gas. Automatic shut off valve system. Required only low pressure regulator.
  • Variety of ingredients:Versatile Grill Oven can replaced many other cooking appliances, customer can use it to grill meat, vegetables, pizza and bake bread or reheat food.
Gas Consumption 5.87kW Ignition System Electronic Ignition
Total Baking Area 3120cm² Fuel Type Natural Gas / Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Appearance Size (mm) 802 W x 724 H x 783 D (with hood) Material Stainless Steel
Weight Approximately 90 kg

Grand Mate 太陽爐 烤南瓜_關隆公司 瓦斯烤爐

Grand Mate_Pizza Oven Steak Smoke free

Grand Mate Gas Pizza oven Hamburger

Grand Mate 瓦斯窯烤爐 Pizza實作_關隆公司

Grand Mate 瓦斯窯烤爐 杏鮑菇_關隆公司

Grand Mate 瓦斯窯烤爐 鮪魚_關隆公司